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Literature Review On Employee Motivation And Productivity

employee motivation and productivity: a review of literature and ... employee motivation and productivity: a review of literature and ...
The objective of this paper is to conduct a literature review and ... on motivation and its impact on employee productivity drawing experiences from diverse.

Literature Review On Employee Motivation And Productivity

By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. To study the various issues highlighted in this study related to employee motivation, this study reviews a large body of literature mainly in different journals. In the event that an organization acquires a machine that is meant to make, say one thousand yarns per hour, then if the machine can only make four hundred yarns, then it is not efficient.

In the event there are no signs of enthusiasm and motivation for that job vacancy, it is better for the organization to retain the position vacant than hire an employee who is not motivated at the new job. Lockes theory on motivation and goal setting has been found with defects, as there is none linear relations that are exhibited since there is no comparison between the effort of the individual and the goals that are set. The motivation hub effects of goal setting and self-efficacy on effort and new product sales, houts, l.

During the early and middle career stage of the job employee want more appreciation from his next boss in the organization. This can lead to positive gains for the organization by enhancing organizational effectiveness and improving work quality, as well as by helping the organization attract and keep top-quality employees, which can bring growth and development to the organizations and can improve the quality of their employees work experience and realize the benefits of developing workers to their full potential. If the leader is kind, caring and approachable (levoy, 2009, p.

To start with, innovation as well as creativity enhanced commitment by the organizations management does help in explaining the noticeable change in the organization (mishra et al, 2009, p. If there were no set targets in achievement of an event, then there would be no sense in talking of production, as this would be a failing system. Sentiments like and the like were being used more often especially in the event that the offender was a female (houts et al.

The short period data collected and analysed is more objective than the annualised subjective performance measurement system (daniel et al. Influence of work motivation, leadership effectiveness and time management of employees performance in some selected industries in ibadan, oyo state, nigeria, i herewith declare that this report is in full accordance with the plagiarism rules of the faculty of thank lawrence. Harvey indicated that an employee is accepted as part of the social group or team.

The third element that is given attention and focused on the intrinsically (rabey, 2001, p. Promotion is always employees ultimate wish for the service rendered by him in the organization and this is the only way for an employee career development. Human resources issues facing the hotel and travel industry in china. One of the drives is brought out by the fact that there is an internal need to gain resources as supported by the need theory (lawrence & jordan, 2009, p. These performance measures should be done monthly if possible as they help to tell which employee is deteriorating and why (daniel et al.

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Literature Review On Employee Motivation And Productivity

Literature Review: Performance /Employees Productivity Management
Chapter 3: Literature Review: Performance ... Employees / Labour Productivity ..... (k) The surest and fastest way for increased motivation, productivity, growth, ...
Literature Review On Employee Motivation And Productivity The last motivation type that is evident is one that demonstrates a need to be autonomous (lawrence & jordan, 2009, Maybe the one thing that needs to be addressed is the difference between motivation and inspiration for which many people think as being one and the same thing. The same people can be motivated in the event that they are given some bonuses (lawrence & jordan, 2009, One of the old sayings as cited in levoy (2009, p. Levinsons ( ) life stage model pointed out that adult life is characterized by a consecution of stages, such as early, middle, and late career stage, divided into various sub-stages and concerned with career development (comparable to the career stage model of super (1984)). These used to motivate the employee to do better and achieve the organizational goals and objectives.

    To those who are not intrinsically motivated, but rather depend on extrinsic motivations (levoy, 2009, p. This period must be strict, as the project must be undertaken within the shortest possible time (reference answers, 2010, par. The moderating effect of organizational change cynicism on middle manager strategy commitment. According to the incentive theory, two categorical approaches have been put forward. Motivation to learn and course outcomes the impact of delivery mode, learning goal orientation, and perceived barriers and enablers.

    It has been noted that the payment of benefits to the employees has been and still remains to be very insufficient although it is a necessity in the organization (emery, 2009, p. The ability of a firm to put into use the different resources that are at the disposal of the organization is very important (ketkar & sett, 2009, p. In the developed and developing nations around the world people experiencing the phenomenon of population aging i. Among the variable of responsibility and being appreciated, it is understood that success of employers always be appreciated with education. Organizations need to look beyond the traditional economic incentives of career opportunities and salaries to other social and lifestyle factors outside the workplace.

    Career-relevant learning and development, worker age, and beliefs about self-efficacy for development. It is crucial that the management know and understand the different motivations (levoy, 2009, p. They can also be given some additional responsibility apart from what they are used to which is perceived as adding power to them hence the very fact that they perceive themselves as being more powerful that the rest of the employees, is one high motivation factor that such people are willing to pursue (lawrence & jordan, 2009, p. Involvement of the members is important in ensuring continued production (levoy, 2009, p. Agency theory, performance evaluation, and the hypothetical construct of intrinsic motivation. The only thing that is needed is for an individual to be able to unlock the secure door (s) and gain access to the motivation within. Now this can be understood an employee who is achievement motivated seeks achievement, bringing realistic but challenging goals, and betterment in the job. Although extensive research is reviewed and every possible dimensions of motivation are studied, it cannot be stated explicitly that these dimensions will be able to create the baseline which will motivate the employees through the motivators. For positive reinforcement, there should be a number of factors that should be considered in the design process of a good and effective reward system. Similarly, zhang and wu ( ) indicated that with job security, an employee gets confident with the future career and they put their most efforts to achieve the objectives of the organization.

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    incentives, another key factor in motivating employees is to involve them in the process .... LITERATURE REVIEW ..... productivity of employees at GT Bank.